New York Times

Ocean Navigator, Magazine, Tim Queeney, Editor, Portland, ME, October 2011

"Superbly written", "It is a story that should be read by any family."

Points East [Magazine], Marsters, Andrew, Portland, ME, July 2012, “Very well written; Alex’s story is even better than adult versions because he takes us through the changes with honesty and innocence.”

SAIL, Magazine, Meredith Laitos, Editor, Boston, MA, for December 2011

"In and of itself, this memoir of a 25,000 nautical mile voyage is informative, entertaining and eye-opening. That a high school student wrote it is astounding."

ABC-News affiliate KZIM, Morning Newswatch, Faune Riggin, Missouri statewide, September 2011

"A Star to Sail Her By" not only made me feel like our future generation is in good hands... I also can't wait for the screenplay! Alex has written in a manner wise beyond his years. He is an inspiration. Great book!"


The Ensign, [United States Power Squadron], Burrage Warner, AnnapolisMD, Summer 2012, “You’ll enjoy this engaging story by a young man of ability.”

Mystic Seaport, The Maritime Studies Program of
Williams College and Mystic Seaport
, Richard King, PhD, Professor of Literature and the Sea

"Ellison's earnest, genuine style is reminiscent of Robin Graham's in Dove.  In crafting a twenty-first century bildungsroman at sea, with a tender family spin, he'll leave you positively envious."


Fox News Connecticut, Live TV interview, Sarah Cody, Hartford, CT, September 2011

"An Incredible Adventure"

Soundings Magazine, Rich Armstrong, October 2011

“A reflective young adult with a unique world view.”

Yachting Magazine, Number two entry on "Five Books for Your List: Here are five books for the yachting enthusiast", The Editors, November 22, 2011

"Coming-of-age memoirs have always been a popular genre, but here's one where it all happens at sea!"

Portsmouth-Exeter Times, Aaron Sanborn, Portsmouth, NH September 2011

  "A Show-Stopper of a story"


 KLIF, Talk Radio 570, Clint Granberry, Live Radio interview, Dallas, TX, August 2011

"A terrific tale of an unbelievable upbringing"


Soundings, Bill Sisson, Editor, Essex, CT

Published in August, 2011 edition

"A case where youth is not wasted on the young"


Cruising World, Mark Pillsbury Editor, Newport, RI Publishing in December, 2011 edition

"Besides being a great adventure story—which it is—A Star to Sail Her By should be all the reason a parent needs to get their kids out on the water, where they'll grown up on their own, just as the author, Alex Ellison, did during his family's five-year odyssey."


Yachting, Magazine, Mary South, Asst. Editor, Newport, RI, October 2011

"Ellison kept a detailed journal which forms the basis for the book describing their amazing adventures. Get a copy."

KPAM-AM, The Victoria Taft Show, Eric Peterson, Live Radio interview, Portland, Oregon, August 2011

“A Great Read!”

48 Degrees North, Sailing Magazine, Editors, Seattle, WA, March 2012, “In this detailed narrative, Ellison describes amazing adventures and lessons learned well.”

 Town Times, Diane Carr, Durham, CT August 2011

"It is the story of a world seen through the eyes of a boy on his way to becoming a man on a breathtaking adventure, and it's a spectacular view. You're going to want to read this book."


 Shoreline Times, Andrew Frederick, Old Saybrook, CT September  2011, "An exceptional story"

Good Morning Hudson Valley, WBNR, Bruce Owens, Radio interview, Hudson Valley, NY, September 2011

Just a child of eight at the start of his family’s amazing adventure, Alex grows into a capable young seaman and author along the way.”